Expert timber Floor Installation and Floor Sanding Service in Clovelly 

Our professionals who install timber flooring in Clovelly and the surrounding areas have delivered exceptional floor sanding and installation services. Since no two people have the same preferences, we offer various services to satisfy your unique needs. We'll collaborate with you to achieve a perfect result. We will utilize the best wood flooring supplies; whether you need a simple floor sanding or a more involved new wood floor installation, we will also involve you throughout the installation process. 

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Outstanding Timber Floor Sanding and Installation Service in Clovelly

Are you looking for an outstanding Clovelly company to install timber flooring? Without delay, speak with the experts at Randwick Timber Flooring. Our team of skilled professionals can expertly install new timber floors and work with you to select the best options and flooring materials for your home or business space. No matter your budget, we will find a way to install your new floors that won't go over it and use the greatest flooring material to accomplish the best work possible. We'll make sure to install wood flooring to your preferences.

We use the most innovative technologies to guarantee that the timber floors are of the highest caliber. Additionally, we offer a range of finishes, including high-gloss, semi-gloss, and matte, when installing timber flooring. Consequently, we can help you regardless of whether you desire a natural product and styles to guarantee that the timber floors placed are of the highest caliber; we use the most innovative technologies and techniques. Additionally, we offer a range of finishes, including high-gloss, semi-gloss, and matte, when installing timber flooring. We can help you regardless of whether you prefer a natural product or something more modern.

Also, we offer a free consulting service if you need assistance determining what to search for. Before providing you with alternative choices or even beginning the installation, we will visit your home to assess your needs and initial floorboards. Each person has distinct needs, and because of this, we will work with you to find the best answer for your home or place of business.

Contact us right now to set up a free consultation or discuss your timber flooring needs. We look forward to hearing from you. We will involve you in the installation process so that your new floors are installed according to your preferences.

The benefit of choosing our timber floor services in Clovelly

Our installation, sanding, and polishing specialists for hardwood floors in Randwick are well-known in the trade and have a large clientele. Whether the project is a small residential or large commercial, we constantly deliver exceptional results that please our clients. Here are a few explanations of why people prefer our services.

Experienced Team

To help you select the best flooring solution for your home or place of business, we have a team of qualified and experienced consultants. They use as much natural material as possible to install your timber floors. Even if you still need to decide what you require, our experts will guide you through the process and help you choose the best type of timber flooring.

Unique services

For your unique needs, we offer a range of services. We will work together to get the flawless finish, whether you want to sand and shine or faultless new timber flooring.

Modern Tools

The most modern and effective tools must be used for the best results on any job involving timber flooring. At Randwick Timber Flooring, we always use the most cutting-edge equipment and procedures to deliver work of the greatest grade. We leave your home's surfaces spotless after using our sophisticated tools.


We are not extortionate when it comes to pricing our services. Our priority is providing our clients with the best results at a cost they can afford. Whatever your spending limit, we will find a way to stay within it while still delivering high-quality service. 

What services do we offer at Randwick Timber Flooring

Randwick Timber Flooring may be the ideal partner for all your timber flooring needs, whether big or small. Our staff can help you with the sanding and polishing of your existing floorboards and the installation of new ones. No job is too big or small for us; we always aim to deliver excellent service.

Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing

If you want your house or place of business to have that freshly sanded look, our timber floor sanding and polishing services are perfect for you. We use modern gear and techniques to ensure your floors are professionally sanded to the highest standards. We also provide a range of finishes, including high-gloss, semi-gloss, and matte. Our skilled floor installers and sanders will collaborate with you to choose the best sanding technique for your requirements.

Timber Floor Restoration

 Due to dirt, dust, and other pollutants, wood flooring may become dull. If you want to bring back the brilliance of your wooden flooring, our floor sanding and restoration services are perfect for you. With the best modern techniques and equipment we use, your wooden flooring will once again appear to be brand new. We have matte, semi-gloss, and high-gloss finishes available.

Timber Floor Installation

If you want to install new timber flooring in your Randwick home or business, we can help. We work with various flooring materials, including walnut, maple, and oak. We also provide a variety of finishes so that you can choose the perfect look for your room. Don't worry if you are unsure of what you need because our specialists will work together to find the best solution and have your timber floor installed. We'll utilize the greatest flooring available while installing your new floors.

Timber Floor Repairs

Polishing and restoring your wooden floors can do a lot for them, but occasionally more may be needed. If the wood flooring you currently have is damaged, we can restore it using a number of different techniques. We offer everything, from simple fixes to complete replacements. Whatever the problem, our floor experts will offer you a practical solution.

Timber Floor Staining

With time, the color of timber floors could start to fade. Our timber floor staining services are perfect for you if you want to give your area a new look. We provide a choice of hues to make it easier for you to discover the ideal tint for your requirements.

Deck Maintenance and Refinishing

Timber decking is a popular option for homes and businesses in Clovelly. We can assist you in maintaining the best possible appearance for an existing timber deck with our deck maintenance and refinishing services. You can choose from various alternatives we provide to find the perfect finish for your room.


"My house has been very old and it was time to give it a makeover. I had the idea of replacing my flooring with new timber floors. After doing some research, I decided to go with Randwick Timber Flooring and I am so glad that I did! The team at Randwick were very helpful and knowledgeable throughout the entire process."

Marie S

Randwick, NSW

"It was such a pleasant experience to work with the team at Randwick Timber Flooring for my renovation project. Everyone had an expert knowledge of their craft and were able to explain everything in detail from start to finish so that I knew exactly what was going on. The result is absolutely stunning! "

Emma L

Randwick, NSW

"I just wanted to give a huge thank you to Randwick Timber Flooring for transforming my house. The entire process was so easy and stress-free! I'm so pleased with how the new timber floors look, they've given my house a brand new lease of life."

Jack W

Little Bay, NSW

Why You Should Choose Timber Floor For Your Property ?


One of the main determinants of people's decisions is how long wood flooring survives. Timber is a durable substance that can withstand heavy use, making it ideal for high-traffic areas like hallways and living rooms.

Easy maintenance

Another benefit of wood flooring is that it requires less maintenance. Instead of carpet, which must be often vacuumed and cleaned, timber floors must be swept and wiped. Therefore, they are ideal for active families or businesses that require more resources to maintain their premises immaculately.


Additionally, timber flooring offers a stylish and elegant appearance that can enhance any space. Whether you want a conventional or modern look, timber floors can be stained or varnished to create the appropriate aesthetic for your house or place of business.

Increased Value

Wood floors will increase the value of your home. If you ever want to sell your house or business, having wood flooring will increase its market value. This is because potential buyers are continuously looking for facilities to make their life easier, and low-maintenance floors are undoubtedly one of them. 

Reputable Timber Floor Sanders and Installers

As a reputable timber flooring company in Clovelly, we offer comprehensive services to homes and businesses. From sanding and refinishing to repairs and replacements, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide the best solution for your requirements.

We understand how difficult it may be to choose the appropriate wood floors for your home or place of business. Because of this, our team of experts is always ready to offer guidance and counsel. We will decide which meets your space, cost, and design needs.

Look no further than us if you're seeking a Clovelly timber flooring business you can rely on. To discuss your needs and for a free consultation, contact us immediately.