When choosing a flooring type for a commercial space, you need to pay attention to the entire floor option maintenance needs because they often contribute significantly to the lifetime cost of the flooring material, which may outweigh the initial material and installation costs. This is why you must consider long-term value when choosing a flooring type instead of the initial cost. This means choosing the ideal material for your commercial building; you must consider the original expenditures, ongoing costs, and material durability.

Moreover, as a business owner or a property manager, you should remodel worn surfaces to improve productivity, reduce work-related injuries, and cut down on main and repair expenses. Even though the cost is always a major factor when choosing a flooring type for commercial purposes, the long-term value should also be considered.

With all the flooring types to choose from, the long-term value should be the goal of flooring materials selection, not appearance or a lesser cost. Here are the best 5 flooring options perfect for a commercial space. 

1. Carpet Tiles

Carpet is the most classic option in some commercial settings because it absorbs sound and adds additional warmth in colder areas. It is the most durable and easy-to-maintain soft-surface flooring type. A whole carpet roll must be replaced when a broadloom carpet is damaged. You can easily replace a carpet tile if it becomes discolored. While broadloom carpet, on the other hand, demands more time and resources to maintain than carpet tile.

The increased usefulness and low maintenance requirements of carpet tiles considerably justify their expensive initial cost in many commercial settings. There currently need to be places where carpet tiles cannot be installed due to the development of moisture-resistant adhesives and industrial-strength tiles.

2. Luxury Vinyl Hardwood Flooring

A luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is your best vinyl flooring alternative in terms of maintenance costs and elegant wood floors. It can give you the appearance of stone or hardwood without maintenance. Offices, schools, hospitals, and hotel lobbies could have vinyl sheet flooring, vinyl composition tile (VCT), or luxury vinyl tile (LVT). Although vinyl composition tile (VCT) is an affordable flooring option, it must be constantly stripped, waxed, and polished to preserve its surface. On the other hand, LVT is more expensive and offers greater design versatility because it can be produced to resemble practically any material, from stone to hardwood. LVT flooring systems are attractive, long-lasting, low-maintenance, and offer excellent value over time.

This surface resists moisture, and it is available in a range of patterns and colors and doesn't need to be polished because it is made with an outside wear layer; instead, it may get by with routine sweeping and cleaning.

Compared with some flooring systems, vinyl has a bigger impact on the environment since volatile chemicals are released during production.

3. Hardwood Flooring

Although natural hardwood flooring has a longer lifespan than other industrial flooring options, it is typically significantly more expensive and requires a longer installation process. Nevertheless, wood flooring is classy and can be cleaned and swept. Like a carpet, humidity and moisture can be problems for hardwood floors. On the surface, cracks, cupping, crowning, and buckling can happen, while moisture and leaks underneath the surface can also be a concern. Because they are more expensive, natural hardwood flooring is less common in commercial spaces, though it can occasionally be seen in renovated premises. However, hardwood flooring is best for residential and commercial spaces. Finally, hardwood flooring offers sound insulation options if your operations causes noise.

4. Laminate Flooring

Engineered laminate flooring is strong, hygienic, and simple to maintain. This sort of flooring has the advantage of typically being waterproof. In buildings with a LEED certification, laminate floors could be present. A photographic image (of wood, tile, etc.) is bonded to the surface of layers of high-density fiberboard to create laminate flooring, which is then protected by a hard, wear-resistant coating. The flooring is made of a particleboard wood basis with a photo of wood or tile on top, all of which is covered in a clear plastic layer for protection. This flooring has a range of patterns and colors and is simple to install. Laminate is an excellent choice for busy spaces in any area not subjected to excessive moisture. It is preferable to avoid using laminate flooring in the bathroom. Compared to wood flooring, it is easier to clean, more scratch resistant, and less expensive. Laminate flooring is an excellent flooring option for a commercial space.

5. Ceramic Tiles

Clays and other natural resources, such as sand, quartz, and water, are combined to create ceramic tiles. They are generally utilized as bathroom wall and kitchen floor surfaces in homes, businesses, restaurants, and other establishments. They come in various styles, are affordable, and are simple to install, clean, and maintain.

Ceramics exhibit strong properties and can endure high temperatures and acidic substances, yet they are brittle and weak under tension and shearing. Ceramic tiles are best used in various applications in different industries, such as residential replacement, commercial, new residential, and others (facades, countertops, etc.). 

Concrete flooring is also another low-budget and extremely durable floor type but it's not a suitable commercial flooring. Nevertheless, it is perfect for commercial buildings with high foot traffic, salons/barbershops, restaurants, and retail stores.


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